Beauty Consulting

The word "Beauty" means different things to different people. Some may identify with the word through makeup and styling products but for us when we talk about beauty, we also refer holistically to your wellbeing internally, as your external beauty is a clear reflection of this. To help woman that have fallen of the beat and track a little, we offer one-to-one online coaching specifically designed around your personal lifestyle, your health, needs and desires and provide you with really up-to-date dynamic content and recommendations that will encourage you to begin new habits, daily rituals, try new treatments, products, techniques and experiences.

Inside and out

Your overall appearance of vitality and radiance will stem from your internal health, your diet, your self care practises, the environment you live and your daily activities. It’s in consultation with you where we can really identify areas in your life that you could create serious positive changes; like improvement to your skin health and appearance and a noticeable increase in energy levels.

The Goal

We will create a beauty plan for you to hone in on the areas you want to improve. The goal is to raise your vibration, your health, wellbeing and vitality so that you glow, feel incredibly amazing and are in pure gratitude for who you are. In as little as 2 sessions you could be on you’re way to feeling and looking more youthful, relaxed and radiant.


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