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As they say, an image is like 1000 words. Having your own original and perfectly styled imagery on your website is a must. It tells your story and gives your audience an immediate understanding and connection to what you're about. Whether you're a life coach or you have a product you want to bring to the market, we can coordinate a photoshoot perfect for your brand.

We will

- Translate your ideas into reality

- Provide a photographer, videographer and assisting crew

- Provide location options

- Coordinate the creative styling of the shoot including colour themes and mood boards

- Organise wardrobe, hair and makeup, props and location

- Hire .

Face Alchemy | Personal Branding | Photography | Photoshoot

Personal Branding Shoot

Our personal branding shoot is for those you ARE their brand. We consult with you beforehand to have a thorough understanding of your message in order to help you create a concept.

Half Day - 4/5 hour shoot  (Prices vary)

Face Alchemy | Campaign Shoot | Photography

Campaign shoot 

A full Comprehensive Marketing Campaign shoot for those with a brand or product that they want to market with exquisite and seamlessly styled photography. 

There is some preparation that takes place before this shoot and will be around 3 X 1 hr meetings. 

This is a FULL DAY shoot (Prices vary)